Pipelines are generally located at places where there is limited communication network or power infrastructure. System performs cycles of corrosion analytics and real-time monitoring on underground pipelines.   

SITE UNITS consist of tamper proof components for measurement, analytics and connectivity installed at multiple points of the pipeline. They create a current mapping of the pipeline, create a predictive maintenance schedule with the analysed data and hence ensure cathodic protection efficiency.

Site components of the system are designed in such a way that required parameters are constantly measured, verified, logged and maximum compression is ensured without compromising accuracy and precision goals; relevant data are accumulated; time stamping is performed. The processed data is analysed by predictive algorithms.

DC measurements are performed with flexible schedules where cathodic protection voltage is applied. Energy consumption is kept at a minimum level except the measurement and data delivery tasks enabling minimum battery life of 6 months. The measurement error range of the device is maximum 1%.

A grounding and voltage inlet is available for the connection to the cathodic measurement point.

The site-unit alarms analysing the data to ensure that the authorized personnel take precautions in a timely manner.