It enables modems to communicate over various networks like GSM, GPRS. The technical features of TeleMetriX-Gateway application, developed on JAVA platform is as follows:

  • Full GSM operator support
  • Static and dynamic IP communication support
  • Transparent communication support in TCP/IP Server and Client modes
  • Based on OBIS code structure reading data locally from meters supporting IEC1107, DLMS COSEM, IEC 870-5-102, VDEW 2.0 and MODBUS protocols and transferring to central database
  • Ability to respond to GSM calls without disconnecting from GPRS and data transfer capability over GSM
  • Remote configuration through serial port, GSM connection, GPRS connection and SMS
  • Separate password access and full safety for data transfer and remote configuration
  • Online remote control of port parameters (baud rate and framing) during reading
  • Reading devices using different communication parameters over a terminal and IEC1107 baudrate switch-over support
  • Remote fast and safe application update through standard JAVA OTAP support